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What is a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner?

A Holistic Reproductive Practitioner (HRP) is someone who supports the mind ~ body ~ spirit of individuals of all ages with focused care in the areas of fertility to postpartum and beyond.

As an HRP, I am trained in multiple holistic modalities, such as doula, reflexology and reiki, to support you and your individual needs. This was perfect because I love to mix things up while at the same time being able to serve clients in a variety of ways.

So what exactly does a HRP do?

Many, many, many things!

Fertility support may look like working with individuals who are either trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy. This could also look like supporting people who are experiencing symptoms of painful periods, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, menopause, or any other reproductive health condition. We look at your fertility history, fears, struggles, goals, accomplishments and create an individualized plan.

More specifically, support may include, but not limited to:

  • Cycle tracking using the Fertility Awareness Method

  • Nutrition/diet support

  • Movement/exercise plans

  • Reiki or reflexology sessions

  • General information about fertility/reproductive condition

  • Resources or referrals

  • Lifestyle change support

  • Healing ceremonies

We may also support you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum by offering prenatal classes, 1-1 birth coaching, a list of community resources, attending your birth as an additional support person, helping you prep for postpartum or supporting you in home during your postpartum period.

The beauty about being trained in multiple holistic modalities like reiki and reflexology, is that we have the ability to support you wherever you're at in your journey. Each person has their own individual needs and desires and no two journeys look alike.

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